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Judy's Lilies
Jeanne Ellen Dutton

History: This magazine began as a Creative-writing Club project. It was the brain-child of an exceptional student, Ashley Bayer, who wanted to continue writing beyond her ENGL 202: Creative Writing classroom. For two years, Bayer solicited, selected, and edited work for the magazine; she also raised funds, laid out, and designed the magazine, all the while training and managing a revolving group of volunteer club members. Due in large part to her efforts, the magazine is now a fully, self-funded entity. It has outgrown the Creative-writing Club and is now housed in the English Department. In addition to future publications, the magazine now funds the Ivy Tech-Bloomington Creative Writing Contest and Ashley Bayer Editing Scholarships. The first four volumes of the magazine were published under the title [sic].

Heather Perry (member of the 2018 Editing Team) Brittany Tipton (member of the 2018 Editing Team) Christine Brandel (Advisor to the 2018 Editing Team)

2018 Editing Team (left to right): Heather Perry, Brittany Tipton, and Christine Brandel (Advisor)

2018 Editors:

Heather Perry is a little older than her teeth and as old as her tongue.  She is a lifelong storyteller, dancer, and would-be wayfarer, with an overdeveloped need to save the world.  She lives under the care and supervision of three cats, with her excellent husband, Michael.

Brittany Tipton is a misanthrope who, despite her best efforts, continues to find beauty in the human experience through the lens of poetry. When not studying molecular biology, you can find her baking elaborate desserts, dancing, drawing, or attempting to make music. She served as poetry editor on the University of Tennessee’s Phoenix and has held several odd jobs that showcase her writing. She currently lives with her boyfriend and her fluffy white Maine Coon, but dreams about the day she can retreat into the woods and transform into her ultimate form of Baba Yaga.


Christine Brandel is a writer, photographer, and teacher. Her book A Wife Is a Hope Chest was released on Halloween 2017 as the first full-length collection in the Mineral Point Poetry Series from Brain Mill Press. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of English at Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington, where she’s also the Campus Pride advisor. Her writing portfolio is available at

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