Breaking Down

Breaking Down
Daren Pitts Redman

How do I submit written work?

Prose should be double-spaced and 2,500 words or less. Verse should be single-spaced. Submit written work electronically as rtf files through our submissions page. Follow the directions there.

Where do I submit images?

Submit these as jpegs to through our submissions page.

What are the editors looking for?

The editors are looking for pieces that evoke emotions in the reader, not for pieces that are about emotions. Written submissions should be original, unpublished works that utilize concrete language and images that build from the five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound.

Who are the editors?

Each year, two Ivy Tech-Bloomington students are chosen as recipients of the Ashley Bayer Editing Scholarship. It is their job to select, edit, accept/reject, design, and layout work for the magazine. While the magazine has a consistent editorial vision, each group of editors brings its own set of preferences to the table to make its issue new and unique.

How many pieces can I submit?

Submit up to three pieces total. These can be any combination of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, or art.

Why should I submit my work to mê tis?

Not only does publication in a literary magazine look great on a resume or transfer-college application, this magazine has a built-in audience of your peers. Every ENGL 111: English Composition and ENGL 202: Creative Writing course on the Ivy Tech-Bloomington campus requires the magazine as a text. Also, we only accept submissions from within the state-wide Ivy Tech community, and submissions are selected by student editors from within that community.

What is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for submissions is December 1, each year.

What is the response time for submissions?

Editors respond to authors/artists by March 1, each year.